4 Essential Rules to Building an Unshakeable Core so that you can… 

  • Become stronger and more resilient when challenges come your way. 

  • Learn how to conquer obstacles over and over again. 

  • Function at a higher capacity under stress 

 When bad things happen in our lives, we have a habit of shrinking from them. Be the rock that you and your family needs. 


 Outcomes of Product:


  • You will be able to tackle stress without allowing it to overwhelm you in tough times.

  • Build unshakeable confidence that will change how you walk around in the world.

  • Manage toxic people in your life and to watch out for red flags.

  • Change the way that you see yourself and manage your self talk.


A bit about Kimberly…

I’m an author/radio host and Resiliency & Mental Toughness Specialist. 

I wrote my memoir, You Taste Like Whiskey and Sunshine a few years ago to tell my story of how I struggled with abuse and became a survivor. I overcame my past and changed my life and now I have a passion to help other women do the same. It brings me joy to help someone else to conquer fear and to change their story.


“I couldn’t put your book down, Kimberly! Each chapter had me so intrigued because I felt like a bit of me can relate to some of your stories!” – Jennifer


“Most hosts cannot allow themselves to be this vulnerable and bare, but Kimberly Love certainly can!” -Paul Reeves, radio host. 


“Listening to Kimberly speak about her experiences have truly inspired me, and I can’t wait to dive into her courses.” -Mandy



  • eBook: You Taste Like Whiskey and Sunshine (memoir)

  • Exercise/Workbook to use during training. 

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