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 Crushing 40 on Impact Radio USA

Kimberly Love published her memoir You Taste Like Whiskey and Sunshine after 15 years in the ghostwriting industry. Her memoir depicts her struggles with familial abuse and domestic violence and how it shaped her as a person. The story takes you through how she overcame the struggles and changed her life. Her humorous outlook on life spins a tragic tale into one that is very relatable. For many people. She is now seeking to empower others to not only overcome their own struggles but to transform their own lives. 

The published book led to an offer to be a radio host on Impact Radio USA. Her radio show, Crushing 40 showcases coaches, entrepreneurs, public figures and most recently has been host to comedian, Nicole Arbour, Food Network Celebrity Chef, Kevin Roberts! Crushing 40 talks about dating, relationships, empowerment and how people are changing the world. 

Crushing 40 is now available on iTunes! Subscribe!  



 Nicole Arbour is the most viral comedian in the world, a rapper, TV personality, recording artist, choreographer, actress, dancer, singer and YouTube personality. Check out her awesome perspective on living your dream life and how she went from being on disability to having over 7 million views on YouTube! 


Kevin Roberts, author of Kissing in the Kitchen and the Food Dude celebrity chef from the Food Network. Find out his favorite dishes and why he loves kissing in the kitchen. 


Cara Alwill Leyba, bestselling author of The Champagne Diet and Girl Code, Master Life Coach and vintage jewelry designer!

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