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Introducing Happy Coffee


People ask me all the time how I was able to lean out so quickly in time for summer and it's because of happy coffee!

I'm not someone who diets, although I eat fairly healthy, I also happen to love food. I haven't been as active as I want to be because gyms have been closed. So happy coffee has helped curb my appetite, it's like having willpower in a mug!

It also gives me crash-free energy and keeps me focused so that I can interview guests and write my books!

Benefits of Happy Coffee: 

Mood enhancing* Dial up the “feel good factor.” Release happy hormones like dopamine, serotonin and endorphins.

Appetite suppressing* It’s like “will power in a mug.” Control food urges for hours and hours. You may lose weight by accident.

Xtreme energy* Enjoy productive, crash-free energy. Enhanced cognitive function means improved mental focus and creativity.

+ Immune support / Stress reduction*

Don't worry, if you don't like coffee, there is also tea, hot chocolate and even lemonade!   Find out more here!

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