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Divine Vengeance is a fiction fantasy novel.  Get a copy on Amazon!


Some angels have a different mission!

"I'm going to tell you a story; the story of my death. Not just my death but also my rebirth."


When Talia died in a car accident in the small town of Sault Ste. Marie, no one ever expected to see her again, especially her daughter Persephone. But Talia's life was not meant to end there. Persephone is the chosen one to lead the future generations out of the darkness and her life needs to be protected at all costs. As the world falls into darkness and demons descend on the residents of the small town, Talia is resurrected as an Archangel to return to the world and fight the evil and protect her daughter. The end of the world is upon the small town and the battle between good and evil is in Talia's hands. Can she save her daughter and her friends from the extermination of the human race?



YouTaste Like Whiskey and Sunshine is a memoir about Kimberly's journey through abuse and how she overcame it. 

It's an inspiring journey that shows the reader that all things can be achieved if you really believe in yourself. Get your copy today on Amazon!

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