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Dear Diary,

I packed my things today; it’s incredible how little of your life you can fit into two suitcases. So much was left behind as I determined what couldn’t come with us. You don’t know how hard it is to sell off everything you own in a matter of months. I had to say goodbye to my books, favorite fashion pieces, yearbooks, and years of stored memories. That wasn’t nearly as hard as saying goodbye to the people in my life. Saying goodbye to my best friend and clutching my mother, telling her I loved her, unsure of when I would see them again. It was the hardest thing that I’ve ever had to do.


I knew I had to do something to save my daughter; her grades were failing, nightmares, diagnosed with PTSD, and falling apart.


We left our home with our two suitcases, locking the door to our home for the last time. My friend waved us off as we got on the train heading to the airport, hours away. My heart was beating fast as I stared out the window, landscapes whizzing by. I was sure that something or someone was going to stop us from getting away.


I could barely relax on the plane; just an hour more and we would land, and the real adventure would begin.


Was I making the right decision? Taking time to travel, homeschool my child, and allowing her the room to breathe, see the world, and heal.


Once we arrived, we drove 17 hours through flatlands, snow, mountains until we arrived on the coast with the sun beating down on us. We needed a fresh start. So, we found an old school bus inland, and I counted out the 100’s into the sweaty palms of a salvage yard owner.


This would be our new home, the beginning of our new life.


What would you do to save your child? To make her whole again, would you change your entire life?


We traveled to another country, bought a traveling bus, renovated it, and worked towards healing.


We were starting over. This is our story.

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